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Wood and Fiberglass Models
  • Stock Heads - Remo Coated Ambassador Batter & Remo Snare Side Ambassador.
    Substitution - Aquarian Satin Finish Texture Coated Batter & Classic Clear Snare Side.
Crystalite Models
Stock Heads - Remo Clear PowerStroke 3 Batter & Remo Snare Side Ambassador.
Substitution - Aquarian Clear Response 2 Batter & Classic Clear Snare Side.

SFT Snare Strainer & Butt Plate
The Fibes SFT snare strainer, a design exclusive to Fibes, is the same original design that was conceived over 30 years ago. It is made in our own factory out of solid brass and other machined metal parts. Their are no internal springs or cams to break or wear out. The wire snares, also made at our factory, are kept under constant tension regardless of the snares being switched on or off the drum head. This gives Fibes snare drums the sensitivity of a parallel action-style strainer, without the hassle of a sophisticated snare system. When playing a Fibes snare drum it is responsive in all areas of the head, from the outside edge to the center of the drum.

The butt plate on the opposite side of the drum is just as unique as the SFT strainer. It is not attached to the shell, but to the tension casings (lugs) on either side. An adjustment bar inside the butt plate allows the vertical setting of the snares for proper on/off snare sound.

The SFT is more crisp and articulate than the MFT, and is recommeded for drummers playing Jazz, or Symphonic music.

MFT Snare Strainer & Butt Plate
The MFT strainer is an ingeniously designed snare strainer with a rotationally pivoting arm release. It is a good choice for players who prefer using a more standard style set up, with snare wires that end within the drum shell.

The MFT strainer can be adjusted if preferred for a "wetter" snare sound. We recommend the MFT for drummers who play their snare drum hard, and are playing louder volume music.