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Our maple shells have a beautifully warm wooden tone and are powerful in both sound and projection. The 6 ply tom shell thickness is 7/32", and are the thinnest shells for nice tone, color and resonance. Our 8 ply snare drums measure 17/64", and are made slightly thicker for good projection and articulation. The 6 ply bass drum shells measure 9/32" and is our thickest for stability and power. All of our drums feature accurate, well-defined and flush sound (bearing) edges that are hand finished. The interior of our maple shells are also hand finished with an oil sealant to protect the wood. We offer these in a myriad of colors in High Gloss or Vintage wax finish.

Fibes Crystalite™ acrylic shell drums offer a unique look and sound. The striking visual appeal of these transparent shell drums is only part of the story. The sound of our Crystalite™ shell is closer to wood than might be imagined, but the drums have more of a dry focused tone, with less harmonics than wood. Crystalite™ shells project very well and hold their own in loud volume music. Crystalite™ colors are clear, amber, smoke, red, blue, yellow and green.

Our fiberglass shell is only available in snare drums. The Fibes fiberglass SFT model snare drum is a true recreation of the original Fibes SFT model. The shell is made by a special process for optimum sound. The drum can be incredibly loud in high volume music, but has the dynamic range to be played very softly, with it sounding very crisp and articulate. Buddy Rich liked his Fibes SFT snare drum so much that he played his live in concert, even though he was endorsing another drum company. We offer fiberglass drums in chrome and brushed copper plus all of our other coverings.


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