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A lot of hard work has gone into bringing our vision of a drum company to life. A labor of love for the instrument has resulted in what you see on our site.

Many of you know that the Fibes Drum Company was a scene maker in the 60s and 70s, with such luminaries as Buddy Rich, Billy Cobham and Alan Dawson playing our gear. The mid-seventies took their toll with the entry of the giant foreign corporations into the percussion industry. Fibes slowly faded into history in the face of mass produced, cloned musical instruments—see a detailed history.

President and owner Tommy Robertson, a twenty-year veteran in percussion retailing, acquired the company in late 1994.

All of us at Fibes are dedicated to the concept of producing great American-made drums. Our experience combines to bring you the finest new percussion instruments in the industry. We feel proud that we can offer you the highest quality products at reasonable prices. We pledge to constantly work for you, and all dedicated players to provide complete satisfaction and continual innovation.


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