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The choice is yours
Fibes offers a full array of wood-stained colors and covered finishes. Your drums can be ordered in three different shell materials. Maple and acrylic Crystalite™ shells are available in full drum sets, and the Fiberglass shell in snare drums only. All Fibes Maple shells are hand rubbed on the inside with an oil sealant that enhances the full harmonic range of the shell without sacrificing warmth as other sealants do. Regardless of the shell material, all our drums have flush, hand-sanded and finished
bearing edges.

Customized for our customer
All Fibes drums are built to order, nothing mass produced here.

Made in America–for real
American made parts using premium metals and bright mirror chrome plating.

Room with a vision
Our 9000 square foot factory in Austin, Texas employs a combination of skilled craftsman and drummers, with the ability to produce some of the finest professional drums available today—regardless of price.

Stand by your drum
Fibes drums have a warranty on parts, materials and workmanship to the original owner from date of purchase. This warranty does not cover problems caused by accident, neglect, abuse, or modification to the original factory instrument. A valid sales receipt is required on all warranty claims. Fibes recommends the use of drum cases whenever moving your drums. Shell damage caused by moving your drums without cases will not be warranted.

We stand behind what me make and we want you to be pleased with your decision to play Fibes.

Lost and found
Traceable serial numbers on the logo badge of every Fibes drum.