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With Fibes snare drums the choice is yours. Your drum can be ordered in any of three different types of materials—Maple, original Fiberglass and acrylic Crystalite™. Regardless of shell material, all of our drums have hand-finished bearing edges. Our Maple and Crystalite™ snare drums are available in 12-14" diameters, and the Fiberglass in a 14" diameter. A variety of depths can be made with all our snare drum shells.

Both MFT and SFT snare strainer systems are offered to suit the drummer’s personal preference of snare sound and playing style. More about our snare...

Fibes tom toms and floor toms are offered in a wide variety of shell depths. The drums can be ordered in either Maple or acrylic Crystalite™. Choose to use the DSS (Drum Suspension System) with any brand tom holder system that you prefer. With precise bearing edges these drums have a warm and rich tone with outstanding attack and projection. Toms are available from 8-18" diameters. More about our toms...

Fibes bass drums have an incredible low tone. The spring-loaded Fibes "floating" spurs, another Fibes design innovation, do not penetrate the shell, thereby maintaining the integrity of the drum and ensuring maximum warm full-bodied sound. Fibes Maple and acrylic Crystalite™ bass drums are available from 16-26" sizes, with a wide array of depths to choose from.

You can order your Fibes bass drum with contrasting color hoops if you prefer. The stock hoops are matching color on all stained wood finishes, gloss black with 1/2" inlay strip on covered drums, and gloss black with silver sparkle inlay on Crystalite™ bass drums. T-Handle rods are stock on our bass drums, but can be ordered with key rods instead. More about our bass...


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